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Welcome to the world of Radiant Medical (Pvt.) Ltd  Radiant Medical Pvt. Ltd is a complete solution provider of medical equipments to health care and life sciences (Hospitals), Laboratory, research centers and to industry in general. We radiant Medical Pvt. Ltd. represents complete range of world renowned medical equipment (brands) in all over the Pakistan. Under the umbrella of Radiant medical Pvt. Ltd. we market European, Japanese’s and USA’s brands

Success Story The Company was initially established in 1986 and was mainly involved in the import, marketing and selling of hospital medical furniture for a decade.

In July 2004, Radiant Medical Pvt. Ltd. came up with new management, board of directors & Vision to revolutionize the health care sector with new technologies to improve the standard of patient care in Pakistan.

Since July 2004 to date Radiant Medical Pvt. Ltd. by the grace of Almighty Allah has become a complete success story and benchmark for the healthcare sector in Pakistan.

Radiant Medical Pvt. Limited has become the number one supplier of electro-medical equipments in Pakistan. Radiant Medical Pvt. Limited is registered with every important purchasing agency in the health sector.

Nature of Business

> Sales and promotion of Electro medical equipment of different specialties.
> Sales and promotion of surgical instruments of all kinds.
> Sales and promotion of Burn Care Products.
> Sales and promotion of Hospital Furniture.
> Sales and promotion of Surgical Disposables & implants.
> Handling of Turnkey Projects :-

•  Modular operation theaters
•  CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department)
•  Hospital hygienic laundry system
•  Hospital central gases supply system
•  Burn care centers

•  Development of ICUS